A list of some of our favorites


Songs & Music… Using Only Their Voices! Dubbed “An Orchestra of Human Voices”, SIX combines the musical showmanship and boundless energy of six remarkable brothers (Barry, Kevin, Lynn, Jak, Owen and Curtis). Their intense high-octane energy, electrifying stage presence, and powerhouse vocals combine to create a truly amazing entertainment experience.


Dolly Parton’s Stampede – 417-336-3000

Throughout the year, thousands of people from around the country come to experience what Mrs. Parton calls “The Most Fun Place to Eat in Branson!”  Each performance is filled with action-packed excitement, trick horse riding, and some of the best food that you will find anywhere in town!


Sight-SoundSight & Sound Theatre – 800-377-1277


Sight & Sound® takes theater to a whole new level. Every show is an epic experience with a meaningful message. Where edge-of-your-seat action meets heartfelt drama.


The Haygoods – 417-339-4663

The Haygoods bring the house down night after night with incredibly tight harmonies, innovative, energetic choreography, incredible special effects and amazing performances on over 20 different instruments! With over 5,000,000 people taking part in the Haygood experience, you’d better believe that there’s more to this group than buzz!! They’ve got the goods, pure and simple!


acrobatsofchinaAcrobats of China featuring New Shanghai Circus – 417-336-8888

More than 40 of the Chinese acrobats will deliver a two-hour performance that will entertain everyone in the audience, no matter your age! Watch in disbelief as they perform some of the most challenging acts you have ever seen – their strength, dexterity, agility, and dedication to their art is unmatched – you are truly watching masters practice their craft onstage.


claycooperClay Cooper’s Country Music Express -417-332-2529

One of the most popular country variety shows in Branson, Clay Cooper’s Country Express is a high-energy show full of singin’, dancin’, lots of laughter, and great music!  From the moment the curtain opens, you can see the personalities shine through this cast of 20 veteran entertainers as they sing their way into your hearts, dancin’ that gets your toes a tappin’, and comedy that’ll crack you up till you cry!


legends_in_concert_001Legends in Concert – 800-374-7469

As each performer takes to the stage to perform their act, you may have a hard time believing what you’re seeing and hearing! Professional entertainers in every sense of the word, these artists manage to capture the likeness of the person they are paying tribute to with stunning accuracy.